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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > would vs used to    

would vs used to


would vs used to
Hi everyone
please I have a question about used to and would.
I _______ work as a pharmacist.
here the correct answer is used to.
Why can �t I use both used to and would ? Isn �t work an action verb?

2 Oct 2012      


Well,  if there is no any context both variants are right. 
used to - a past action
would - his/her dream, intention
Is it a test? Is it a sentence from a text? 


2 Oct 2012     


We use "used to" for repeatsd states or habits.
I used to smoke before I got married.
We used to live in France when I was small.
We use "used to/ would " for repeated actions or events.
My father used to/  would read me fairy stories before I  went to sleep.
We used to /would go to lots of pop concerts when we were teenagers.

2 Oct 2012     


"would" is mostly used for the memories of the past days. the days you miss, like "my grandpa and ı would go fishing."

2 Oct 2012     


when both used in the Past to talked about past habits, the difference is:
USED & WOULD are used with no difference if we are talking about repeated events and actions in the past, usually things that happened a long time ago and are now finished.
When I was in HS, every time I had a broken heart, I used to/would go to the roof of my house, sit there and write for hours.


We use ONLY USED TO talk about repeated states or habits in the past. You must use used to, you cannot use would.
I used to smoke like a train when I was in College, but not anymore.
In negative sentences or questions only USED TO is possible, otherwise the meaning would change.
Miss Melissa Hug

2 Oct 2012     

United States

So, "I used to work as a pharmacist" is the only correct choice.

2 Oct 2012     


A: My dad is a pharmacist.
B: Ha! That is a terrible job! I �d never do that.
A: Hey! That �s not cool. I would work as a pharmacist.
      They get a lot of money and all the free morphene you can steal!

2 Oct 2012     


I used to work as a pharmacist before I went back to university to study science.
I would work as a pharmacist again if I can �t find a suitable position as a research scientist.
While I was studying science I used to / would work as a pharmacist on the weekends to make extra money.
(More context is given when using would)
 So for the short sentence you gave:
  I _______ work as a pharmacist.  �used to � is the only correct choice, as Bruce said.


3 Oct 2012