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Hello everybody,
I need your help please,
I know that the tag question for this statement: � � I am a teacher, .....?" is "aren �t I?"
How about :"I am not a teacher,.......? is it  "am I?" or  "are I?"

3 Oct 2012      


Americans always say "aren �t I?".  We use the more correct "am I not?" when we are emphasizing or being saracastic.
In the British Isles I �ve heard other versions.  You should get their input on this.

3 Oct 2012     

United Kingdom

In Scotland, we say amn �t I? usually but dont think this is true of other parts of the UK.  Hopefully, some other people will say what is said in their part of the country.

3 Oct 2012     

United Kingdom

Dear Hakim,
1A. "I AM a teacher, AREN �T I?"  (Please, tell everyone that I AM a teacher.)
1B. "I AM a teacher, am I?"  (You tell me that I am a teacher! I cannot believe that I actually PASSED the teaching exam, yesterday. Finally, I am a teacher!)
2A. "I am NOT a teacher, AM I?" (Please, tell everyone that I am NOT a teacher!)
2B. "I am not a teacher, AM I?"  (You tell me that I am a teacher!  I cannot believe that I actually PASSED the teaching exam, yesterday.  Finally, I am a teacher!)
Of course,
1A. "I AM a teacher, AREN �T I?"
2A. "I am NOT a teacher, AM I?"
are the USUAL Tag Questions in this part of the world.

3 Oct 2012     


Dear Les

You are FANTASTIC!Star

Thank you for being so nice in sharing...


3 Oct 2012     

Faiza Amani

I am a teacher, aren �t I ?
I am not a teacher, am I ?

3 Oct 2012     

United States

I can �t believe that I can actually add something to one of your consistently complete explanations. I �d like to contribute
2C.  "I am not a teacher, AM I?"  (A sarcastic response, when someone tells you that you, definitely a good teacher, are not a teacher at all)

3 Oct 2012     


Thanks for all the replies

4 Oct 2012