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help please

Saudi Arabia

help please
which of the sentence is correct.
I am sorry for losing your book
I am sorry about losing your book.
thanks in advance

13 Oct 2012      



�for � is the correct option :)

13 Oct 2012     


I am sorry about your book

I am sorry for losing your book


13 Oct 2012     

United Kingdom

Both the sentences you give are fine in that context. There is a difference between �sorry for� and �sorry about� and I�ll explain later (unless somebody else gets on and does it first.Embarrassed) I�m feeling lazy, sorry about that. 

13 Oct 2012     

United States

I don �t see any difference.
The blame for losing the book is the first person "I" in both cases.


13 Oct 2012     


I would go for "for".

14 Oct 2012     


Just to confuse you, I would probably say, "I �m sorry I lost your book." Much easier, quite natural and leaves out the tricky prepositions!Wink

14 Oct 2012     


Both your sentences are correct, as is joytobill �s.
I am sorry for losing your book.
I am sorry about losing your book.
I �m sorry I lost your book.
I would always use sorry for if expressing sympathy for a person in this context:
I�m sorry for her, she looked so tired when I saw her.
I found this:


They are both fine, and pretty much interchangeable, I would say.
If the thing you�re sorry about is not actually your own fault, you can say sorry about or sorry for.
If you feel you personally are at fault in some way, you�d probably say "sorry for".

I�m sorry about the delay (there�s not much I can do about it, the circumstances are beyond my control)
I�m sorry for the delay (if I/we had managed our time better, or organized ourselves better, the delay might not have happened)


14 Oct 2012