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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Fun Ways to Pair-Up Your ESL Students!    

Fun Ways to Pair-Up Your ESL Students!


Fun Ways to Pair-Up Your ESL Students!

As ESL teachers, we often put our students into pairs so that they can practice language. 

Katie Foufouti explores fun and innovative ways in which teachers can get students into pairs.

Click here to read her article: Pairing ESL students up!


20 Oct 2012      


SHAMELESS ADVERTISING!!! What you really want is for us to look at your medicore worksheets!

20 Oct 2012     


It �s an ESL article on a different website to help ESL teachers....duh!

20 Oct 2012     


And you have 0 points! Well done!

20 Oct 2012     

United States

@mydesk: Please don �t insult teachers who are trying to help other teachers. It doesn �t appear to be stuartallen77 �s own work anyway, and he isn �t advertising his own worksheets. There �s another thread where long-time members are already talking about having you banned from the forums. We don �t tolerate trolls.
I suggest you apologize to stuartallen77 politely and refrain from such meanspirited comments in the future. As long as we don �t directly advertise our own ESLP worksheets on the forum, sharing links to outside materials is actually encouraged. Many members have outside blogs and websites with their own materials and promote them here regularly.
That said, I didn �t find the article to be particularly helpful either. It �s not bad; it �s just targeted to teachers of younger students and EFL rather than ESOL classes. I teach adults of many different languages. I usually try to pair students who speak different languages and to some extent, students of similar ages and family status. If I know two students don �t like each other, I try not to pair them, either. The author also doesn �t try to pair strong students with weaker students; she randomizes her pairs. I prefer to put more thought into my pairings.

20 Oct 2012     

United Kingdom

I liked the link. Thanks for sharing it, Stuart. It seems to me that this @mydesk is a wind-up merchant, having a bit of a laugh. Best to ignore it and it will go somewhere else.

Btw, who is the mythical cauffeepot? He/she was before my time, but apparently was witty, fun, edgy... I �m intrigued by this ex-member.

20 Oct 2012     


You can also give the students halves of proverbs or halves of short jokes. Them they have to move around, telling that part of a proverb/joke and find the other half. 
Or Yes/No questions with different answer�s: Yes, he is, yes, she is, No, he doesn �t etc., depending on the level of the students.

But you probably knew that al�ready Tongue , right?

20 Oct 2012     


Thanks a lot dear collegue for this great link. I do find it helpful.

20 Oct 2012