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Management English

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Management English
Hi everybody, I hope you are all having a nice evening / or day for the "other side of the world" ;)

 I just got a request to teach a private class. The student is a project manager in a software company. She went to a school that is teaching English before to take a placement test - they told her, her level in grammar and listening is "beginner". Her colleague told me she can speak, more or less, but with mistakes. Her aim is to get better in all areas as she needs it for her job. 

Now I was wondering what method to use. I was thinking about Market Leader, but don �t know if that is appropriate since she wants something for her project manager position. On the other hand, if she really is at a beginner �s level, it might not be bad to start with that and get more specific later, no? Do you have any ideas?

Sorry to bother you with such a question, but I never taught something like this before, so I �m a bit lost ... quite a difference between kids, teens and a project manager ;)

Thanks a lot in advance :)

12 Nov 2012      


Hi Sara,  aside from the wonderful worksheets on this site, I �d recommend  http://handoutsonline.com/     This site offers a wide range of worksheets for beginner to advanced students.  The site isn �t free, but over the years I �ve used it, I have found it to be an invaluable resource for both conversational and business English students.

12 Nov 2012