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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > On Essays correction    

On Essays correction


On Essays correction
This is the initial message I posted as I saw a fellow teacher asking whether this or that (studentsīs sentences) was correct
I am posting it again as I would be very happy to have your views about the question
Dear all,
If only our students knew how hard they make things for us, having to correct their long essays is often both a pleasure and exhausting......
By the way, do you correct everything, I mean do you suggest improvements yourself or do you just underline what is incorrect....
I personally alternate both techniques, I write down suggestions / corrections when the issue is complex, and leave it to the students to correct it when itīs a minor problem īspelling, final īsī etc)
I have tried also to ask them to correct everything and give it (the essay) back to me for a second correction, bu this process  takes much time and energy , I  do it only once or twice  a year
What do you think???

19 Jan 2009      


Hi Brahim,

I personally follow this method: I always underline whatīs incorrect and put a sign next to the problem indicating the nature of the mistake. E.g. T=tense, WO=word order, prep=preposition, WW=wrong word, Gr=grammar, Sp=spelling. Then I give the essays back and my students have to make the corrections for themselves.

I think in this way they can learn a lot from their own mistakes and improve much better than in the case of getting back their essays corrected. Previously I did that and they didnīt seem to bother to have a look at their mistakes, but now they must think over what they have written.

19 Jan 2009