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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Need your opinion    

Need your opinion


Need your opinion
I �ve just given this daily tip on my English Learning Group in the Facebook. I �d appreciate your opinion on it:
My daily tip: guys, for God �s sake, don �t try to speak natively before you reach an upper advanced level! Go step by step. Speak in short, clear and grammatically correct sentences. As soon as you manage to express yourselves this way, you gain confidence and your English becomes more automatic, you also begin to speak faster. I neither speak natively myself, so what? It �s MISSION IMPOSSIBLE unless you live in an English speaking country at least for a year. This summer I got to know some people from Lithuania, whose Russian wasn �t native , but it was very good and impressive; I respect them for that. Let �s follow their example instead of trying to speak natively before we can say "I �ve got a son and a daughter" correctly... Don �t worry, I �ve been there...

Thank you in advance,


21 Nov 2012      


Hi Liza,

It looks fine, but I would say "speak like a native," instead of "speak natively." Hope this helps.

21 Nov 2012     


I agree with Julia. Also I �m not sure if "neither" is grammatically correct in this sentence: 
I neither speak natively myself, so what? 
I �d say "I don �t speak"  

21 Nov 2012     


Yes, Perma �s right Smile. Sorry I missed it. "I don �t speak..." or "I don �t speak English like a native, either. So what?"

I �d also say: for at least a year

21 Nov 2012     


In my opinion I�d leave out the religious reference. Although a common expression, at the end of the day it is still blasphemy and will be offensive/disrespectful to some of your readers.
My suggestion is that you replace it with for Pete�s sake or for goodness sake

21 Nov 2012     


dear pal, you should not worry about the native speaking issue.
something beautiful is to never lose your roots and your heritage.
accent is heritage, it is beautiful.
as long as you use vocabulary correctly na dgrammar structures in a concise way, no problem
you�ll be speaking natively with an accent, thatś all.

21 Nov 2012