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Using the interactive white board


Using the interactive white board
Dear colleagues , 

I �m being self-trained on how to use the interactive white board these days 

I �ve been looking at you tube videos and online tutorials .I �ve started using it but I feel I �m not on the right path so dear colleagues , if any one of you have sample lessons that he /she  would want to share with me I would  be so grateful because that would give me  an idea on how to conceive an interactive white board lesson . Besides , if  you know  is a logistic or an application that is specific to english language teaching to help out with designig those lessons . THank you very much .

Nourelhouda chakroun Tunisia 

21 Nov 2012      


 I use a Promethean active board and I often use their activ �tips to help me :

If you can understand French , you can look at this :

I hope it can help you.

Have a nice day!

21 Nov 2012     

Peter Hardy

Hi there,
Welcome to the world of technology.
I �ve used the "Smartboard � IWB and several others for the last six years.  Self taught I became a bit of an expert and I�ve conducted several Professional Development courses for my colleagues.
The one thing you need, though, is computer literacy.  At least it helps to get around easier :-)
The IWBs are a marvellous tool, especially as the interaction helps the students to learn much faster, and of course to retain the newly learned words, sentences, grammar etcetera.  Not to forget they develop computer skills, as the IWB is an extention of your PC/Laptop.
Do a search on Smartboard resources, Notebook files and i.e. Easyteach lessons, and you�ll find a wealth of info. Just think beyond YouTube, although most IWB suppliers have videos on YouTube.   
There are many websites for on-line learning, like Topmarks.com.uk., and of course the �links� you find on ESL Printables.
But you can�t always be on-line, so I use the powerpoints and worksheets (most converted to PDF Files as they are easier to display in full-screen).  I also have programs to make my own lessons, like Black Cat Literacy builder, and reasonably affordable software on CD like Math Labs.  However, as technology isn�t perfect, I make sure I always have a hardcopy (PPTs printed as hand-outs, up to 9 slides per page), just in case.
The displayed worksheets help to point the ss to a certain part of the hand-out.  So everyone can be focused and on be on task in no-time.  And you don�t have to go around class to point out where the info is on the page. 
Variation is of course important so I use the IWB in different ways.  As a whiteboard, display for flashcards, PPTs, wordlists, music and video clips (Real English clips on YouTube, Sesame street clips and many more) and whatever more.  My students are keen to come up to the board and tap on the answers and thus my class is never boring.  They are so involved that at times, helping each other, that i can simply sit aside and enjoy their learning. 
Your finger is the mouse, but for the little ones i have a pointing finger on a �magic wand�.
The possibilities are endless, so, dive into the opportunity and turn it into a hobby.  If your work becomes your hobby, you�ll never have to work again!
All the best.

21 Nov 2012     


20 Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Greetings from Greece,


21 Nov 2012     


Thank you very much for your help .

21 Nov 2012