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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > funny pictures    

funny pictures


funny pictures
There are many interesting powerpoints of funny pictures here. Do you know of any interesting way to use them?
I can only think of:
- students, in pairs, describe the pictures, one slide each
- students describe them to each other, while the second student doesn �t see the picture and draws it

Thank you very much,

Maria Jos�

1 Dec 2012      


If you are teaching children, you can use pictures in many, many ways!
For example, print them and make it like a memory game. Firstly, show them all and make them tell what �s in the picture. Then, mix them and turn them back. Ask them to guess which card it is. They have 3 shots. If they can �t guess, Teacher gets one pt. If they can, Class gets 1 pt. I tried this w/different classes from age 6-7, they fell in love with it!

If you don �t wanna print, this is another way:

At the end of the ppt, put a white square on the pic, if they are older, give them some simple but challenging clues about the pic and make them guess again. 

You can also associate one pic. with a word and even ask them to draw it in their notebook, my 12-14 year old Ss did so even before I told them to draw.

Hope these are meaningful and helpful for you :

2 Dec 2012     


Thank you very much,

2 Dec 2012