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ESL forum > > Stolen worksheets, again!!!    

Stolen worksheets, again!!!


Stolen worksheets, again!!!
It really seems that some people have no shame!
Downloading worksheets that teachers posted with good intention of sharing, and then posting them again as their own to gain points is really outrageous.
This time it has happened to me.
I hope this wonīt happen again!!

20 Jan 2009      


Hi! everyone. Pirchy,Iīm afraid it has also happened to me. Several months ago I posted a worksheet on irregular verbs and the person who left a nice comment on that worksheet has posted it today as if she had made it herself. I donīt know...may be she needs a lot of points...but I think itīs not fair.This worsheet is mine!!!!!!

Have a good day! 

20 Jan 2009     

New Zealand

OH NO LAMERCHE!!!!!! I always scan the comments first and because you said it was similar and you sort of joked about how you two thought alike I never took it to mean it was yours and that it was a copy! I feel really bad for downloading it now!!!! I hope you have reported it as STOLEN  from you, I was not a member back when you posted yours, which is why I didnīt recognise it, sorry! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the person who did this!!!!!


Get the original from LAMERCHE here!!!!:


Also to PIRCHY: sorry to hear about yours as well

20 Jan 2009     


Lamerche! This teacher has probably forgotten the fact of downloading this printable from you. As you have mentioned, you uploaded yours several months ago.  So it happens...  :(  Do not get disapointed! Have a nice day! :)

20 Jan 2009     


Dear vesnushka and everybody who ususally say the same:

"This teacher has probably forgotten the fact of downloading this printable from you"
I really appreciate your good intentions and your efforts to to calm down the mood of the people involved in this issue , but I donīt understand how a person canīt see that the worksheet he/she is uploading has not been done by him/her!!!! Itīs easy to forget where one worksheet comes from but not recognizing that it isnīt your work!!!!!!
The rules are clear......
If you have a worksheet that you didnīt make yourself (borrowed from a colleage teacher, for example) DONīT SEND IT Click to check on your own
Itīs not personal vesnushka so I hope you donīt get offended. Iīm writing this because I have seen the same comment several times lattely.

20 Jan 2009     


As a lot of people have said before, we donīt upload our worksheets for money. The purpose of this website, as I see it, is purely sharing. The minimum a person should do is give some credit to the teacher his/her work they are using.
The only thing we get is appreciation for our work, nothing else. It is wonderful when I can use a great ws I downloaded in my lesson!!!
Thaīt why teachers should respect other peopleīs hard work and not claim it is their own when itīs not!!!
I hope the message is clear.

20 Jan 2009