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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Question concerning obj. pronouns    

Question concerning obj. pronouns


Question concerning obj. pronouns
Hi friends,

I have a question concerning syntax actually :) and put and not to put this bloody it. I d be really glad if you share your opinion.

So, the sentence is:

If we keep up polluting (it)  , I think we could never return its original state. (we are talking about environment)

Do we have to put it or another pronoun after polluting (cause it s a transitive verb) or because the sentences are combined and it follows its, is it reduntant? 

8 Dec 2012      


If we keep on polluting, I think, we will never return it to its original state.

8 Dec 2012     

United Kingdom

This reads better if we keep on polluting it, I think we would never be able to return it to its original state.

If you keep in it then this is referring to something specific - the environment, that you have already mentioned. 

If you omit it then I think you would have to take out its as well. So, something like, If we keep on polluting, we ll never be able to return things to their original state.

Hope this has helped!

8 Dec 2012     


mariec and cunliffe, thanks a lot! It s really helped. Smile

9 Dec 2012