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WOD continued


WOD continued
WOD continued : There is only one entry so far ... so I ´ll leave it up for the week end

- and choose the best/funniest /weirdest daffination on Monday

And here is the WOD again:    humeroradioulnar
- and the link to the first post:

Have fun ;o))


15 Dec 2012      


latest disease acknowledge by scientists: a person whose bones make a similar and funny radio sound 
you, guys didn ´t understand?! Don ´t worry me neither....
Wacko Wink

15 Dec 2012     

United Kingdom

No doubt, many of you have been working your brains to the bone trying to solve this problem. 

However, Pelletrine has fooled us a little with this word, ‘humeroradioulnar’, because she has given us the alternative spelling.

Some of you have purchased the lexicon: “Spelling Schmelling --- an Annotation of Frequently Misunderstood Words and Phrases in the English Language”, by Professeur François-René Fin de la Semaine, of L ´Université de London.  I was privileged to become a great personal friend of the writer, or Francoise-Reenee, as I used to call her.

She explained to me that the correct spelling makes reference to the German city of ‘Ulm’, (not ‘Uln’).  Ulm is in Germany.  The Germans like VERY long words.

Consequently, after a few sound-shifts, the more CORRECT spelling is: ‘ComedyOnWirelessOfUlm’.

(During the Pedants’ Revolt, some French people wanted to alter ‘Radio’ to ‘Poste de Transfusion Sans Fils’, but this was resisted at the barricades.)

I must warn you that, despite the title, there is very little comedy on the radio of Ulm, (apart from the Financial News).  This is also because most people watch ‘Mister Bean’ on TV, thinking that it is a Gardening Documentary.  (Incidentally, did you know that Rowan Atkinson was once inadvertently awarded the Nobel Peas Prize?) 

Moreover, Ulm is primarily known for having the church with the tallest steeple in the world, and as the birthplace of Albert Einstein, in that order.

So far as I know, there aren’t any pointless jokes about Albert Einstein climbing this steeple.  Why is that?  Because EVERY steeple HAS a point, and I hope that I have made it!

However, Einstein did pose the question: “Why, when I tell my wife that there are a billion stars in the Universe, she believes me; but when I tell her that the newly-painted door is still wet, she always checks?”

And I have a baffling Space-Time-Relativity Question for this Modern Age, which no-one can satisfactorily answer.

“Why can a Pizza Boy get to my house quicker than a Policeman can get there?”


15 Dec 2012     


this is exactly why this game is soo great, it is wonderful to see the free association of colleagues at work. It is funny to see how misguided they often are. People see ´hume ´ and go for ´humour ´, to be expected I suppose....
In fact the ´hume ´ in humeroradioulnar is derived from ´humidity ´.
Humeroradioulnar defects , often affecting electronic devices such as laptops, i-phones, pads, pods - and of course, in earlier times, radios - are defects resulting from knocking over a liquid (most commonly coffee) over said device with your elbow.
humeroradioulnar ► humidity / liquid
humeroradioulnar ► error/ defect
humeroradioulnar ► originally radio, now extended to a wide range of electronic devices
humeroradioulnar ► pertaining to the ulnar nerve, the nerve which runs under our elbow
It is estimated that some 36% of all devices brought in for repairs yearly have suffered humeroradioulnar damage.

16 Dec 2012