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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Students at various stages of language acquisition    

Students at various stages of language acquisition

United States

Students at various stages of language acquisition
I am from Brazil, but I live in the USA. I am taking a college class and I have to write a paper explaining how different teachers adapt their classroom activities for students that are at various stages of language acquisition. I also have to write about evidence of student comprehension and assessment methods.
I would appreciate if some of you could share this information with me, because I work as a volunteer helping Brazilian students with their language acquisition, but they are all at the same level.
Thank you

20 Jan 2009      


There are several books you can read on the topic:
Psychology for language teachers, Williams and Burden, Cambridge University Press,
Teaching young language learners, annamaria Pinter, Oxford Univerity Press
How languages are learned, Lightbrown and Spada, Cambridge Univerity Press
You can find them in www.amazon.co.uk
Hope it helps!
All the best

20 Jan 2009     


in the States its amazon.com

20 Jan 2009     

United States

Thank you for your response. Another teacher has suggested a worksheet that he has made. Last week I had 295 point, unfortunately because of an error in the system I was left with 25 points and I have downloaded 25 worksheets, which means that I have 0 points now. I am trying to work on some worksheets in order to get some points back but it is difficult to be creative in a site where there are more than 119.000 worksheets! Besides that,

 I am taking an online course because I have 2 year old twins that keep me busy the whole day, so I study in the middle of the night ( I usually sleep 5 hours per night), and I am feeling so tired!

I will definitely write down the link that you have sent. As I said before, it is an online course and I usually have only 2 days to write a paper, so I will not have time to read the book(s) (at the moment), but I really appreciate your suggestion.

20 Jan 2009