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Stolen worksheets


Stolen worksheets
I have found this two worksheets that have been stolen from www.bogglespot.com

This girl is new here and perhaps she hasnīt read the rules carefully.

21 Jan 2009      


Thatīs the only reason I can find because the source is on the worksheet. Iīve sent her a private message.

Good evening to you all.

21 Jan 2009     


I had downloaded it previously from that source and thatīs why I noticed immediately as soon as I saw it before seeing that. 

21 Jan 2009     


Dear natuhatt, thereīs something wrong with the first link you gave. I canīt open that page.  I get the message which contains my name instead . I felt very embarassed because all the worksheets Iīve sent are mine. I would never think of stealing. Otherwise I wouldnīt put my full name, would I?  I would like you to send a new post with the proper link, or at least
put the name of the teacher you were reffering to.
Thanks in advance

21 Jan 2009     

alien boy

Dear Grzincic,

both the links work fine - the first worksheet has already been removed & Iīm sure the second will be soon.

Iīm not sure why you would have been directed to your own page... but it is not because of the links provided.

Kind regards,

21 Jan 2009