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Help me please


Help me please
I would love to contribute something to get wonderful worksheets you guys upload everyday.
But the problem is that I don ´t have the skill to make such good worksheets or Online Exercises.
Is it possible to get worksheets from this website even if you ´re not good at making by yourself?
Are there any ways for me to use this website??

4 Jan 2013      

Russian Federation

Any worksheet can be useful. Who knows mabe for somebody your worksheet will be a real treasure. You can upload your worksheets and get some points. After that you ´ll be able to download. Besides you can become a “Premium Member”.  This happens when you have 30 points. After that you´ll be able to dowload 30 new wss for free daily.

You can download free tutorials now. They may help you to make your wss more attractive.

Here are some free templates which you can use for creating your wss. http://www.eslprintables.com/buscador/templates.asp

4 Jan 2013     

United Kingdom

That ´s great advice from Sonn. There is also a site called iSLCollective where you can download similar materials to here and you don ´t have to contribute. 
I have found that preparing my work to a good enough standard to upload here has been fun and very rewarding. As we tell the kids, ´it ´s nice to share, not just to take. ´

4 Jan 2013     

Peter Hardy

Well said, Cunliffe.  Sharing is caring!  I was not very good at making PPT but learned from the best at this wonderful site.  Just had to submit my first ppt, which was a bit scary, to score some points.  After that i ´disected ´ other ppt ´s and did an online course at http://www.internet4classrooms.com/on-line_powerpoint.htm  and for any questions i visited www.ehow.com.  Not to forget that there are many people on this site who are happy to give advice (and now I ´m one of them).  So be a good teacher and start learning! (My personal slogan.)  Cheers, Peter.

4 Jan 2013     


I agree especially with Sonn:" Any worksheet can be useful" , simply try uploading something, you may think your worksheets are  useless but  they aren´t . There will be always somebody who chooses your work .You ´ll be just surprised to see that your work ´s worth downloading it. I ´ m a new member and I know what I ´m talking about. 

4 Jan 2013     

United States

Welcome to the club! Think of contributing worksheets the same way you go to a potluck, but everything has to be homemade.
Start by thinking about what you use for your own class. Somebody else here is surely doing the same thing. Many times, pretty, colorful worksheets do very well, but I prefer black and white because the printing is cheaper. I also teach adults, not children, so I gear my worksheets and presentations that way. None of them are real barnburners (I have only 251 points), but I do get a few downloads here and there.
Before you start contributing, be sure to read the rules of the site. Be especially careful with watermarked art, such as the following picture. There ´s no faster way to get your work banned than breaking the rules. I always report watermarked art when I see it because too much could get the site closed down.
As you can see, artbistro takes watermarking very seriously, as do many professional artists and photographers. Look before you clip! 

4 Jan 2013