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ESL forum > > Why do people steal works???    

Why do people steal works???

BP [email protected]

Why do people steal works???
Hi everyone,
With the pass of the time I have seen many printables being stolen but I donīt know why...
The possible reasons are:
- The person who steals donīt know how to do worksheets.
- The person who steals donīt like to be less than other person in the site.
In my opinion, worksheets are to the other members of the ESL see the work of the people, to see the great work that the other person had...
So in my opinion, points here donīt mean anything to me, only the great work that members have in doing thir worksheets...
Shame on you stealers...

21 Jan 2009      


Other reasons:The person who steals....
... doesnīt want to take the trouble of working hard to make one ws.
...doesnīt understand that if we donīt contribute with new, original wss the system doesnīt work.
... doesnīt care about  the health of the site.
I think that this site has become what it is thanks to the contribution and really hard work of many members. Everyday we have been able to  download "masterpieces" that are not due of a magic act of the uploaders but because of many hours of hard work. But I have also seen that this wave of stolen worksheets is going higher and higher. If it werenīt for the attentive attitude of some members, we may have reached a point when most the worksheets were stolen and those creative teachers would be discouraged from producing any new worksheet because it may be uploaded by another member later!!!

21 Jan 2009