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Hi : Have you ever used webquests ?  If you ve already used them , are they useful?  Id appreciate your comments and opinions on this topic. Thanks

23 Jan 2013      

Nina Pizzo

I ve used them and find them useful for research (group) work.
As webquests are very structured, they help students getting to the point instead of wasting time looking for information in poor or unreliable sources. The tasks are supposed to be very oriented (step by step, clear instructions) and the sources for research are provided in the webquest itself. I find that the final outcome  is usually much better than it would be if I just gave the students an assignment on a given topic with a deadline.

23 Jan 2013     

United States

I think that webquests are nice for elementary students. Like Nina said, webquests have a lot of structure, so students find exactly what they need to know. However, I think that older students need to learn how to research information. Older students need to know how to use "key words," how to evaluate sources, and where to go for reliable information, so I don t think webquests work very well for older students. --Matt

23 Jan 2013     


Myblair and Nina Pizzo , thanks to much for your opinion about webquests.

23 Jan 2013