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Songs and activities

Lilia Laz

Songs and activities
Dear colleagues,
Apart from gap filling and choosing the right option, which activities can we carry out in class after listening to a song or watching a video clip?  How can we use songs to introduce the topic of a lesson or vacabulary in a creative and motivating way?
I īm looking forward to hearing about your teaching experiences.
 Thanks in advance 

23 Jan 2013      


 To exemplify a few ideas I īll be using the song "Enlgishman in New York", by Sting.
An interesting exercise is to play with words that rhyme and make a multiple choice question.
"I īm a BRITISHMAN / ENGLISHMAN in New York" (stds choose the correct answer).
Another option is to jumble the lines of a stanza:
"I like my toast done on one side
And you can hear it in my accent when I talk
I īm an Englishman in New York
I don īt drink coffee I take tea my dear"   (Stds number the lines 1 -4 according to the song)
If you want to teach a class about parts of speech, let īs say verbs, you can handle cards with some verbs from the song to some students. When the singer sings "I īm" or "talk" or "don īt drink" the student that has that card should raise the card or stand up with it. This is fun to introduce a verb tense, because after this you can ask which tense is used with the verbs in the cards and continue your lesson. 
Hope these tips have been useful to you.  Cristina

23 Jan 2013     


You might find some of these tips helpful
a collection of ideas here



23 Jan 2013     


Here īs a video by one of our creative members with lots of excellent ideas:


23 Jan 2013     

United States

You can use a cloze exercise or a rearrange exercise. There īs a few tips on how to teach songs on the top of this page.

23 Jan 2013