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Hello to everybody, 
I ´ve had problems uploading a worksheet. I ´ve been told that it has water whatever cliparts. How can I knowwhich cliparts are correct and which aren ´t? All my clliparts have been downoladed from free downloading cliparts. 
Does any one know where can I find cliparts without problems? And the last question, where can I look for all the posts about this?
Thanks a lot for your help.

27 Jan 2013      

Russian Federation

You can find lots of sites with free cliparts here



27 Jan 2013     

Peter Hardy

These ´whatever ´ thingies are called ´Watermarks".  Even pictures that are for free may be marked in order to protect the owner ´s copyright.  I ´ve included a picture as an example.  Look careful at it.  You see the cross and the words ´iStockphoto ´? That ´s a watermark.  Whenever you have pictures with these, remember they are copyright protected, and thus you cannot use them in your work. As a simple rule of self protection, and thus avoiding problems with your WS, just be a good teacher, and take your time to prepare your work. Simply look twice, as some water marks can be obscure.  Hope this helps.

27 Jan 2013     


Thanks a lot, all my pictures don ´t have watermarks, at least I can ´t see them easily. But something must be wrong and I don ´t have any idea of which... thanks.

27 Jan 2013