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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > When using ICT in English classes?    

When using ICT in English classes?


When using ICT in English classes?
Hello everybody,

I ´m currently a trainee English teacher and I ´m wondering when it is most suitable to use ICT in class so as to stick to the Official Instructions. Could you give me some examples of activities led with ICT and how is it relevant?
Thank you for your help.
I ´m looking forward to reading your answers!


4 Feb 2013      


How many profiles have you created here? If you have more than one it goes against the rules of the site.

4 Feb 2013     

manonski (f)

There are multiple questions about the same subject on this forum.

You either...

a) can ´t read
b) have multiple accounts and do not respect the rules of this site.

Sorry if I sound rude but other people ´s requests got pushed out of the main page because of those same threads.

4 Feb 2013     


Dear friends,

I ´m sorry about this. Our didactics teacher asked us about this question and we ´re all in the same class.
Sorry about the misunderstanding...

4 Feb 2013     


Then for all of you :

You may find useful information and examples here and here.

Instead of asking the same questions again and again why not just sharing the answers? Isn ´t it the aim of ESL printables: sharing? Then all of you will be able to write your own paper with what you prefer, find more useful ...

Good luck anyway to all of you

4 Feb 2013     


the best way to use them - and to evaluate the B2i at the same time :) - is to study an email and them ask your pupils in your final task to reply to this email or to send a similar email.
you can do the same by studying an article and ask your pupils to create a similar article...
have a look at my documents if there ´s one you ´d like to download just send me a Private Message with your email address and i ´ll send you what I have :)
have a nice week!

4 Feb 2013