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What can I do?


What can I do?
Hi, people! Im going to teach young kids ( 3/4 years) in two weeks. Im worried   because I have only 20 minutes of class. And my coordinator asked me to build  a portifolio with their works. They dont have writing habilities so, what can I do?

4 Feb 2013      


I have a box where I keep all their activities like: Listen and colour, listen cut and paste, listen and order the pictures, etc. You can use the compilation as portfolio.

4 Feb 2013     


I work with kids age 4-7 and the can t write, too. So for example sing a song at the beginning, a song at the end (I have sent my copy today). 1 lesson - presentation - my name is ... what s your name. You can throw a ball and they have to answer your questaon 2. + 3 lesson - farm animals - prepare a worksheet with 10 animals and prepare flashcards. Put the flashcards on the wall (different places) and call an animal - the kids have to run to the right flashcard.  5 animals in lesson 2 , the other 5 animals in lesson 3. Take a picture with farm animals and count how many cows, horses, ....   4. lesson - repeat farm animals with memory (unfortunately my memory was refused!) - other games: bingo or domino - I have lot s of worksheets but the files are so big. 5. lesson - colours - e.g. ice cones - to show them the colours; song -  if you are wearing something red shake your head, .... lesson 5: family - there is a nice ws for beginners in esl - draw a finger family - lesson 6 numbers - I have a nice rap created for the numbers: 1, 2, 3 - dance with me, 4, 5, 6, seven kicks, 7, 8 stand straigt, 9 , 10 cluck like a hen, lesson 7 body - song:head shoulders knees and toes, prepare a doll which you can put together, e.g. a head with hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, a body with arms, hands, and legs with feet- the children can put it together lesson 8 clothes - prepare a washing line and let them hang up a few clothes, I even prepared a washing maschine and had doll clothes in class; for repeating classes you can always play domino or memory. Another game they llike is: which .... is missing?. E.g. prepare 7 cards , one card shows 6 colours (or clothes, numbers, ...) and the other 6 cards only 5. So they have to find out the missing one. My kids love this game. Today I sent a board game repeating colours, numbers and farm animals. If you are interested in more information don t hesitate to contact me. As I am a new member, I couldn t send all my ws and as I told you already my files are very big. But I have sent a few already. Good luck

4 Feb 2013     


Thanks a lot for great ideas!! ;)

5 Feb 2013