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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > A doubt    

A doubt


A doubt
Hello everybody!!
Iīm making a new worksheet at the moment and Iīve just come across a problem I donīt know how to solve.
Which of these two sentences do you think is correct?:
a) The weather IS really nice here at the moment
b) The weather IS BEING really nice here at the moment
From my point of view, both of them sound right.
Could you please help me?
Thank you very much

22 Jan 2009      

United States

The weather IS really nice here at the moment.

22 Jan 2009     


The weather IS really nice here at the moment - is the correct option.



22 Jan 2009     

Russian Federation

the first one is correct.

22 Jan 2009     


The weather is nice= (It is the daily usage; you mean that it is nice.)
But when you say The weather IS BEING really nice= it means the weather is getting nice nowadays.
There is a slight difference..
or another example is
Jason is a naughty boy (means this is his habit, general attitude)
But  when you say; Jason is being naughty (means he wasnīt naughty but he has been getting naughty these days)
Hope it helps...

22 Jan 2009     


The weather is nice today.  - fact
The weather has been really nice lately.  Means that the weather is nice today and has been for a while.   (Present Prefect - started in the past and continues or affects the present)
Jason is a naughty boy. - fact  - Present Simple
Jason is being naughty now.  Present progressive/Continuous - happening now
Jason has been naughty lately.  -  Present Perfect - started sometime in the past and is still continuing
I hope this helps

22 Jan 2009     



I would never use the sentence The weather is being really nice.  If, like denizt suggests, you want to imply that the weather is getting nice nowadays, you would say,

the weather has been nice lately.

Just like you would say that Jason has been naughty lately.

To say Jason is being naughty is referring to the situation at the moment.  Jason is being naughty right now.

22 Jan 2009     


By the way, "the weather" can never be "being" itīs not alive and breathing. 

22 Jan 2009     


both of them sounds correct,"the weather is being correct" signals a change of of weather from bad to good..

22 Jan 2009     


You can never say īthe weather is being niceī!
You can say....
The weather is quite nice today.
The weather has been nice recently.
John is being good today.   (progressive)
John has been good over the past few weeks.
īThe weather is being niceī sounds very unnatural.
Hope this helps.

22 Jan 2009     


Hi, all

"is" can be followed by
a) an adjective to describe a state of being true at the moment of speaking
      ---> The weather is nice/hot/terrible....
b) "getting" + often a comparative to express a change in a state of being
      ----> The weather is getting nicer/worse...

"is being" = (to be in the present continuous) should be followed by a past participle to express an action being performed on sth or sb ie. passive voice.
     -----> The weather is being altered by global worming.

John is being good today. = John is behaving good today. Because "John" is a living being and can affect his state of being himself but not the weather which depends of the natural circumstances or on human actions as it is the case in our modern life.

22 Jan 2009     

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