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Mena ´s audio files


Mena ´s audio files
Hello everyone!
On March I �m starting a project with my students in which they have to do listening tests every day. my plan was to use some of Mena �s listening tests but I have asked for the files many times and she hasn �t answered. I have read some post from other teachers saying that she hasn �t been active on the site for a while now, so could any of the people who have the audio files send them to me?
I don �t really care which of the files they are, I just need to have some of them.
Thank you very much in advance to anyone who can help.

My email address is aldlr@hotmail.com

22 Feb 2013      


I going through the same problem. If you do receive any files can you email me too. I don`t care which they are. The more the better.
Thank you
My email is: [email protected]

22 Feb 2013     


I wonder why Mena has been away ... does anyone know if she �s ok ?

22 Feb 2013     

United Kingdom

I hope Mena answers. Whenever I pick a ws (I spend all my points), and I see Mena �s name on it, I know there �s no need for a preview, it �s going to be great.

22 Feb 2013     


Hi! I have just sent you all the audio files I have.
Have a great weekend!

22 Feb 2013     


Hi everybody. I have got some of Mana �s audio files and I would be glad to send them to those in need of them Just send me your e-mail address. Have a nice day.

22 Feb 2013     


I have her as a friend in facebook. She is doing fine don �t worry. I �m not sure but I guess she was one of the creator of eslprintable facebook friends. You can add me then join to the group.

I �m as Zoila Garcia Lopez

We �ll be glad to have you as part of our group :D

22 Feb 2013