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Interactive boards?


Interactive boards?
Hi there!

Im looking for some ideas to use the interactive board. We have got 5 of them in our school and I have to use it next week with other colleagues. Id like to find some resources about it so as to use it with my colleagues (demonstration) and my students.So if you have any ideas that could help me, do not hesitate.
Ill be grateful for it!
Thanks in advance!

24 Jan 2009      

New Zealand


There are interactive whiteboard activities here under the different categories :-)
I used to love my IWB in the UK!!!!

Also you can for example play games for example from:
I used to play math games from this site as an warm up or ending activity and the kids come up to the board and their finger becomes the mouse to select etc.

The phonic games from the http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/teachers website (look under literacy for KS1) were fantastic! The children again come up to make things move and solve the problem or activity :-)

24 Jan 2009     


http://www.barryfunenglish.com/ >> http://www.barryfunenglish.com/games.html

24 Jan 2009     


Hello Chaplin!
Big part of my contribution to eslprintables  are activities for interactive whiteboards. You can use Word or PowerPoint to create activities. The only thing you have to do is to transfer your exercise to the interactive whiteboard and to do so you need to know the board and which key to press, is it a Smartboard?

24 Jan 2009     


I have never had the luxury of using such a high tech gadget, but I should imagine that some of the PowerPoint games using triggers would be ideal for this medium.  Guessing games, slow reveal, jigsaws (all of which I have as contributions already) I reckon would also work quite well. 
Well thats all the adverts for my stuff - off to bed.  C U around

24 Jan 2009     


Could you give me an example of your worksheets that could be used with the interactive boards? Thanks in advance.

24 Jan 2009     


I use a Smart Board in my classes and the sky is the limit! It is wonderful! Of course the best thing is to make your own activities with the IWB`s own software. Learning to use the software takes time but it is sooo worth it! If your board is a Smart Board they have their own website www.smarttech.com where you can watch videos on how to make interactive activities and download interactive activities created by other teachers. Also you can play interactive CDs on the computer and project them on the board and have students interact with the CD. I absolutely love our Smart Boards and so do the students!

24 Jan 2009