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modal verbs


modal verbs
can anyone help me for a good discussion to teach modal verbs for elementary stage.

9 Mar 2013      


What about talking about rules in general (rules at school, rules at homes, rules at the beach or at the park...)?
for example: you can use your mp3 player outside but you mustn īt use it in class or in the corridors... you can wear a bathing suit at the beach but it īs fordidden to wear one in town. You shouldn īt stay up late when you have school the next day.
do you see what I mean?
take care!

9 Mar 2013     


Thanks Elojolie274 for your ideas

9 Mar 2013     


Recently I had to look for similar activities.

I found Penny Ur īs - Grammar Practice Activities - A Practical Guide for Teachers helpful.

She suggests a number of activities which may be suitable for your class.
In brief, she suggests you could:

1. Hand out a sheet of well known international symbols that express permission or obligation.
You can then ask the students either orally or in writing t tell you what the symbols mean using can, can īt, must, mustn īt.

2. Choose a game that all students know. After putting some basic information on the board about the game invite the students to list its rules using modals such as: may,may not, can, can īt, must, mustn īt.

3. Ask students to offer advice to anyone coming to your school for the first time. The kinds of things they should and shouldn īt do or must and mustn īt do.  (ie You must come to school on time.)

She has several other good ideas and explains them in more detail than I am doing.

Hope this helps.

Have a great day!

9 Mar 2013