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ESL forum > > Is it considered stolen work?    

Is it considered stolen work?


Is it considered stolen work?
Hello, there!
I have a doubt concerning stolen work and I hope someone can help me here. I have several games in powerpoint format that I have made for my students. However, Iīve used the templates that other teachers have uploaded on the net ( on different sites ). I have changed all the questions in the games and Iīve spent hours working on them...but would it still be considered as stolen work? īCause I donīt want to be accused of uploading something that is not mine because you have seen the template somewhere else...
Can somebody give me hand here, please?
Thank you!

25 Jan 2009      


Hi, in my opinion, if you change the questions and the topicas, it isnīt stolen. Itīs the same if you use a collegues picture.

25 Jan 2009     


Hi Laubeco,
I think we refer to a ws as stolen when its owner copies not only the format but also the content of another ws.
So,you neednīt worry if you use other peopleīs ws formats and you load them with your own work.This is what most of us do cause we,language teachers,never judge the book by its cover.
All the best and nice day to all of you!
Long lives our community!

25 Jan 2009     


Iīm not sure whether you are referring to this but some powerpoints templates are universal and free to use. So, people usually use templates taken from other powerpoints to make new exercises witthout problems

25 Jan 2009     


Thank you, s.lefevre and harim for your replies,

Itīs just that I donīt want to get  bitten by the Sheriff Cow...! :)

Ok, so Iīll upload the games and hope you all find them useful! Your students will love them!

25 Jan 2009     


Surely the idea of a template is that it can be used to make new materials.  Thus using the template with new content is more than acceptable and is indeed welcome.  Donīt worry, Sherrif Cow has hung up her guns tonight.

25 Jan 2009     


Hi, as damielle said, check first if the template is īuniversallyī free... if not, better credit the person who used it the first place (or where you got it from).

26 Jan 2009