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Hi everyone, I have considered this a lot but there �s something I can �t make it clear. Could you help me make it clear?

In the exercise of rewriting the sentences without changing the meaning:

My father drives more carefully than I

Should be written ----> I drive more carelessly than my father
or   -----> I don �t drive as carefully as my father

25 Mar 2013      

United States

I would use the second option "I don �t drive as carefully as my father" as the closer in meaning. When you say "I drive more carelessly than my father," you are in fact saying that you drive carelessly. That is not necessarily implied in the original sentence. The fact may be that your father drives too carefully, which, paradoxically enough, can be nearly as dangerous as driving carelessly. (Example in US driving: your father may come to a complete stop on highway merging ramps in an effort to be careful, but this actually could cause the driver behind him to hit the car. You, instead, try to match speeds with the traffic so that you can merge. This is not as "careful," but is a much safer strategy.)

25 Mar 2013     

United States

�I drive less carefully than my father �

This would be fine too.

26 Mar 2013     

ESL_print table
United Arab Emirates

the second option is very clearly and it let your students understand more :)

I don �t drive as carefully as my father :)

27 Mar 2013