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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > busser and bussing...    

busser and bussing...


busser and bussing...
I am preparing a lesson about summer jobs and I have found something like a list of different summer jobs existing for teens. But I am stuck with these two terms: busser and bussing.
I understood that they refered to restauration and food, but I don �t know what it can be. If someone can explain to me, and may be give me a translation into French, I would be very grateful!
Thanks in advance!

2 Apr 2013      


Hi Jehanne,

A "busboy" or "busser" is someone who clears the plates from tables in a restaurant. See the definition here: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/busboy . I think it �s only used in the USA - as a UK native speaker, I �ve never heard it outside American sitcoms on TV.

Hope that helps!

2 Apr 2013     

United States

Yep, Sue is right.
When I was in high school I spent a couple years "bussing" tables at a nice restaurant on the coast of California.  Since it was a nice restaurant, my busboy duties entailed quite a bit more than just cleaning-off tables after customers left. 
I also brought bread and water to the tables, refilled drinks, and assisted the waiter/ess with whatever they needed. I would also remove plates/dishes as the customers finished and once they left, I would clean-off the table and prepare it for the next guests.

2 Apr 2013     


douglas, I �m sure you were the most charming busboy in town!
Les might probably have done a good job too...

2 Apr 2013     


Thanks a lot for your quick replies! I understand now!Thank you.

3 Apr 2013