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Which or Where


Which or Where
Hi everyone. There is something I have never understood. When do we use Which and when Where? For example. This is the house where or which I grew up ????

3 Apr 2013      


Hi! This is the house where I grew up. This is the house in which I grew up. This is the house I grew up in. I think these are all correct.

3 Apr 2013     


So if there is � �in � � we put which, otherwise we put where?

3 Apr 2013     


You want to use where to denote the place; The house (is the place) where I grew up. Or to give you another example: That �s the supermarket where I buy all my groceries. (here I would never use "in which" because a supermarket is so far away from being a thing,

Whenever you want to use which you talk about a thing, so using it in combination with house is fine, exept that, like in the reply above, you need to add in because you used to live in the thing that we call house.

Another example might be: This is the box in which we keep the kids � toys. (putting emphasis on the object that is the box) OR This is the box where we keep the kids � toys. (putting emphasis on the �space � in the box...

But going back to the supermarket example; when you talk about one of the functions of the supermarket as a company, than you use which without "in": That �s the supermarket which has those good offers this week.

I hope that �s clear...Take care!

3 Apr 2013     

United States

I think a supermarket is as much a thing as a house is. I wouldn �t use "the supermarket in which I shop", but I would say "the supermarket at which I shop". For the rest, though, I agree with dutchy79.

3 Apr 2013