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gallery and museum


gallery and museum
Hello everyone ,
I would be grateful if you send me the most accurate  difference between the two

 words      "museum "      "gallery "  . The book I teach shows no difference .

Thanks for everyone .

9 Apr 2013      


I would say that a museum contains all sorts of historical artefacts (= the British Museum) or a selection of displays about a particular topic (= the Natural History Museum).

A gallery is, in my opinion, either a building which contains lots of artworks (= the National Portrait Gallery), or - and this is the confusing bit - a particular hall within a museum (= see this link: http://www.nms.ac.uk/our_museums/national_museum/explore_the_galleries.aspx).

I hope that makes sense! 

(Note: I am a native speaker of UK English, but these words may have other connotations in other regions.)

9 Apr 2013     


In a gallery someone sells their work (paintings, sculpture ets), but you can �t buy anything from a museum

9 Apr 2013     


That �s a good point - in a private gallery you can buy artworks, but not in a public art gallery like the National Portrait Gallery. This is what I think of if you�re talking about visiting an art gallery - a place which functions like a museum for paintings and other artworks.

I can see why this can be confusing!

9 Apr 2013     

United States

A  museum is for displaying anything and everything having to do with the world �s culture and history.  Many items are one of a kind and belong to the "world"  Some  of them have a gallery which is for displaying both traditional and modern styles of art.   A few museums do sell prints of some art in a souvenir shop.
     A gallery is usually one that buys and sells all kinds of art that could be any style or from any period of time.   However there are some gallery �s that specialize in displaying art for appreciation only.
The main difference is that the gallery concerns itself with art.  

10 Apr 2013