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Stolen Printable


Stolen Printable
This printable by Rosona http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=169438#thetop entitled Colors is a direct copy from a website I use often www.coloring.ws To view the original visit: http://www.coloring.ws/t.asp?b=m&t=http://www.coloring.ws/cbn/cbnhouse.gif It is exactly the same! I love ESLPrintables and like many here one of the first things I do is check out the new contributions and is always the first place I look for material! So let“s keep up the good work and continue looking out for stolen printables! For printables stolen directly from an ESLPrintables member I believe that any points accrued for that printable should not only be taken away but also given to the rightful owner. I have seen stolen printables with over 100 points for that particular download! What do others think? By the way Alien Boy as an ex-pat Aussie I do not believe it is Invasion Day as the first fleet had arrived some time before and the 26th January was chosen as a day to to celebrate the nation.

26 Jan 2009      

alien boy

As an Aussie you should check your history! 26 January 1788 was the day when formal possession was taken of the Colony of New South Wales by Governor Phillip. Who said it was the anniversary of the First Fleet“s arrival??????

If I were an Indigenous Australian (or a left wing historian) I would have every right to say it should be “Invasion Day“ & not Australia Day - or do you still believe in “Terra nullius“?

Check your history, cobber!

With regard to stolen printables - Victor himself has stated you don“t need to mention them on the forum, just report them & he will do the rest.

Cheers & best of the day to you too!

26 Jan 2009