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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Plural for "optimization/optimisation" ?    

Plural for "optimization/optimisation" ?

United States

Plural for "optimization/optimisation" ?
Hi All,
I just got another message from a translation office that has got me wondering and I would like to hear your opinions on something.
Is creating the plural of optimization/optimisation by adding "s" traditionally correct or is it just a new trend? 
Whenever I read the word "optimizations/optimisations" the little man in the back of my head says it �s wrong and I can �t find any "authority" (Webster �s, Oxford, etc.) that definitively says it should be one way or the other. 
What do you all say to it?

26 Apr 2013      


Well, it �s an abstract noun, so it shouldn �t take the plural �s �.
Many happinesses for the day!Smile

26 Apr 2013     

United States

You are right to be bothered by this. I see it as part of the current fad for shortening everything - for example "summit" for what used to be called a "summit meeting".
In light of that, I think people who use "optimizations" are meaning "optimimization methods" or "optimization measures", so I see it as correct, even if annoying to some of us.

26 Apr 2013     


This tells us the plural http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/optimisation
Is it right???

26 Apr 2013