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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Ideas for ESL project with tissue / kleenex boxes    

Ideas for ESL project with tissue / kleenex boxes


Ideas for ESL project with tissue / kleenex boxes
Dear friends,

I have a lot of these empty tissue boxes at home. I would love to use them in class somehow. Does anyone have an idea how to incorporate them in the ESL context with games or pairwork etc.?

Any idea would be much appreciated Smile Heart

15 May 2013      

manonski (f)


Have your students describe their monster. Review body parts.

15 May 2013     


pick and answer in a guessing game  Wink

15 May 2013     

United States

I don �t know the levels you work with but you can put index cards with sentence starters, fill the gap, vocabulary words that have to be picked from the box or the meaning picked from the box and the word given by the students. For beginning students you can have words that the students have to supply a rhyming word for. Pictures the students have to name. Words that they have to classify. You can wrap them and glue pictures the students have to indentify. You can put a small object and the student sticks his/her hand in the box and describe it without seeing it or you can have them take it out and describe it. There �s a ton of stuff one can do. Ed

15 May 2013     


You may find some ideas here:



16 May 2013