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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Interesting US Pronunciation    

Interesting US Pronunciation

United States

Interesting US Pronunciation
This is pretty interesting, it gives visual distribution of how some words are pronounced differently throughout the USA.

7 Jun 2013      

United Kingdom

This, coincidentally, just came up in Language Log this morning, Douglas:

7 Jun 2013     

United States

"Great minds..."  ?  :)

7 Jun 2013     


Fascinating stuff!  I was born in Chicago and moved to New York as a teenager.  It was like learning a whole new language for me:  ice cream bar/ice cream pop, pop/ soda, purse/handbag, etc. etc.  One day, I was going into the school building and another student asked me "Gaddagammabok?"  I asked her to repeat it several times, shrugged my shoulders and said "Sorry, I don �t understand you."  But as I turned the lights went on.  "Do you got a grammar book?" was what she was asking me.  "Grammar book!  I get it.  No, sorry, I don �t have one."
In Brooklyn, there aren �t many parks-- you have to play ball in the street.  Many times my brother and I would be standing there while the others shouted "GAH!  GAH!"  Finally when we heard the honking we understood that they were saying "Car!  Car!"
Then I started taking vacations down south, but that �s another story.

7 Jun 2013     


Very cool! There are two great documentaries on the evolution of American English. I can �t think of the names now. I also know there is an interesting BBC documentary called The Adventure of English that goes way back and traces the evolution of English around the world, through the centuries. All great stuff.

7 Jun 2013