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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > one step forward towards a better understanding    

one step forward towards a better understanding


one step forward towards a better understanding

European Youth Murals

A few words to all members to express our gratitude for all the work involved in producing such  beautiful works of art.We are very grateful for your participation without you, the project would not have succeeded with such vibrancy., 
Your children,students have made European Youth Murals come into reality. 
In September 2013 The Murals will set sail on the first European tour of participating schools.   We will endeavor to continue with the project next term encouraging a little more involvement from students.Next year the final judging will be held by the students involved,each school will be able to gain access to the web and vote on the murals within a points system. 
The prize money will be raised and I will try to find sponsors from local companies and business to help with the mailing of the murals on tour. 

I am currently working on a new more interactive project that involves a lot more live direct communication with the use of Skype.
It still has art as the main stimulus but uses it as the bridge from engage study and stimulate to activate., 
Engaging the students by arousing the students interest, thus involving their emotions.
The project will be an extension of European Youth Murals and can be found under the twin space. 

Most people can remember lessons at school which were uninvolved and where they ‘switched off’ from what was being taught . Frequently, this was because they were bored, because they were not emotionally engaged with what was going on.They may not have seen the meaning or objective behind the lesson. Such lessons can be contrasted with lessons where they were amused, moved, stimulated, entertained or challenged. It seems quite clear that those lessons involved not only more ‘fun’, but also better learning.

Within the added extension construction of language is one of the main focuses.
The activate ,element will be used continual within art activities which are designed to get the students using language as freely and communicatively as they can. The objective for the students is not to focus on language construction and/or practice specific bits of language(grammar patterns, particular vocabulary items or functions) but for them to use all and any language which may be appropriate for the given situation or topic. 
Please take a look at the web site that is under construction. 
I welcome any comments that you have and hope that you will find time to join in and join us .


Once again thank you.


Teacher Nick

8 Jun 2013      

United Kingdom

This looks wonderful and I will be talking to our art dept tomorrow. 

9 Jun 2013