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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > just a question    

just a question


just a question
Hello buddies..!!!

I have a doubt related to word food.. which one of the following ones is or are correct, keeping in mind that I am talking about two different dishes:

My favorite food is chicken and beans.

My favorite food are chicken and beans.

My favorite foos are chicken and beans...

Thank you so much for your help!!!

12 Jun 2013      

alien boy

2 different dishes: my favorite foods are chicken and beans.


12 Jun 2013     

United States

My favorite food is chicken and beans.    If you consider chicken and beans as singular [going togeher],  then it is correct.   This is my first choice
My favorite food are chicken and beans is never corrrect.
My favorite foods are chicken and beans is correct.  You used the verb are which is used with plurals.

12 Jun 2013     


I would say my favourite dish is chicken and beans, clarifying that they are together one meal. Otherwise i �d say my favourite food is pizza... Or Hawaiian pizza to be more specific. Food is so general. Unless you are being specific like, "My favourite vegetables are broccoli and carrots", the word food can mean a lot of things.

12 Jun 2013     

United States

I �m with Lewis

13 Jun 2013     

Enid Stella
South Africa

I also agree with Lewis.

13 Jun 2013     


Food is an uncountable noun. You can use it as a countable when describing food from another country. We can taste foreign foods, like Spanish food or Greek food. 
So you can use both � My favourite food is chicken and beans � as �My favourite foods are chicken and beans �. The first one sounds better though.
Have a nice day!

13 Jun 2013     


food is uncountable so it �s better to say:  my favourite food is chicken and beans

13 Jun 2013     

United States

I agree with Lewis, Douglas and Enid. It depends entirely on whether it is one dish or two separate foods. If it is one dish (along the lines of arroz con pollo), then "My favorite food (or dish) is chicken and beans". If they are your two favorites separately, then "My favorite foods are chicken and beans".

13 Jun 2013