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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Confusing words.    

Confusing words.


Confusing words.

Is it absolutely wrong to say the following (instead of the bracket ones). Or they are acceptable in some way, pls help.

a) I got a bad news this morning ( some ).

b) Please get me some chalk (some pieces of ).

c) Her two boys are still schooling ( at school ).

d) They stress on the importance of english language ( stress).

e) He emphasized on the cost of the trip ( emphasized ).

f) He was warded straightaway to hospital (admitted).

g) I like to study in the night.

( Some people like to study in the morning. Why must at night )

h) I am tired at walking (of ).

i) My friend is very good in Maths ( at).

j) They listed out their problems (listed).

k) I voiced out my opinion (voiced).

l) He �s a small-sized man (small).

m) I followed my father to U.S (went with/accompanied)

n) He told a funny joke ( a joke)

15 Jun 2013      


a) is completely wrong because news is uncountable
b) correct
c) wrong
d) wrong
e) wrong
f) wrong
g) we say: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening but at night
h) tired of + ing
i) wrong (good at, bad at, brilliant at) the adjective that show ability are usually used with at
j) wrong.  listed = wrote down
k) wrong
l) we say small, big but medium-sized when describing people.
m) followed means: first my father went and then I went (at a later date) whereas went with/ accompanied means you both went together.
n) I think that �s ok.  Jokes are ment to be funny so it �s not necessary to say funny, but I would accept it because sometimes jokes are not funny at all Wink
E.g.  "Chris told us a really funny joke the other day...I couldn �t stop laughing!"

15 Jun 2013     


Thanks for all the help.

16 Jun 2013