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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > English syllabus?    

English syllabus?


English syllabus?
Did anyone design / plan their own syllabus (course) for their English lessons?

If so I have a few questions.......

How did you chooses what to put into it and in which order?

Do you also use course books?

The books I am using are really too difficult for some of my classes.  They have previously been pushed through the books ( by copying pages and using a dictionary to find words Cry ) and now donīt really understand the grammar.

Should I abandon the books and instead use the worksheets from here?

Also would anyone mind sharing their syllabus on here?


TBig smile

28 Jan 2009      

New Zealand

Helen Mck has a very good template / checklist  worksheets (s)of the order of teaching grammar points with the different levels. I am using it because it was really helpful for me to find the "starting point"  to begin planning my lessons. Check it out! :-)

28 Jan 2009     


where can I find it?

29 Jan 2009     


We things here are like this:

our country teaching department presents a general document which includes the topics to be studied during the year according to the students level (primary-secondary) and it explains what to teach...then the teachers have to gather and  discuss what to do, I mean if the institution is going to work with a book (if this is the case, which book?), with methods to use and how classes should be.

29 Jan 2009