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ESL forum > > Another website illegally selling my work    

Another website illegally selling my work

David Lisgo

Another website illegally selling my work
Thank you Jayho for bringing this one to my attention. It ´s just shocking how many of my materials are being sold by another member of ESLPrintables. I ´m quite depressed by the whole thing.

Please don ´t buy anything from here:
Instead download it freely from my account.

I can ´t believe such people exist but it is an unfortunate fact that such people, who claim to be upright citizens are the lowlife of this world.

I have written to teacherlingo in the hope that they will do something about it. If not I will try writing to Google. What a depressing waste of my time.


8 Jul 2013      

United States

I totally agree with you. Let ´s hope that teacherlingo will do something about it. The scariest thing for me about all that is when you come to think that those are "teachers" doing such acts ... what can such people teach our youth, please?! 

8 Jul 2013     


Hello David,

I do freelancing and what this person has done is illegal and you can actually take it up with Google and other agencies. Here are some tips to help you out.



8 Jul 2013     

United States

Good advice from Linda!
Sorry to hear about this.
It might help if this person were banned from this site, then they couldn ´t download and sell on their site.

Hope things work out!

8 Jul 2013     

United Kingdom

Like most cheats and fraudsters, Mr ´Giannini´ likes to have more than one name. If you click on his FB link (you´ll find it on the TeacherLingo site), you´re led to one Tano Salvador who bears a remarkable likeness to Hernan the Heel (see here for the slubberdegullion´s mugshot on his Scribd page - where he seems to have ripped off another ESLP´er incidentally). Keep reporting him wherever you see him or his alter egos.

Edit: and don´t forget to check out his Pinterest page too, kids!
(and his blog -if you can take any more...)

8 Jul 2013     


David, I hope things will work out for you!
Thank you Almaz for the links!Hug

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8 Jul 2013