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Ask for help


Ask for help
Hello everyone ,

I would be grateful if you helped me in the new series of books that my school has

 adopted to be taught this year  .

The new series is " English World "  .If anyone had dealt with this book before

 ,could you send me recommendations , comments ,any helpful websites .

Please ,send me your comments .

11 Jul 2013      


Concerning your headteacher, you should cooperate with your colleagues to show him that there are limits that he shouldn īt overpass and that your relationships with him should be governed by law not by personal actions and responses. If he doesn īt understand that you can with your colleagues talk to the inspector about that. If that does not work move to another school to avoid daily tensions and stress.

11 Jul 2013     

United States

Unfortunately many people who are entrusted in jobs of power, can īt administrate this power.
A truly gifted and great leader doesn īt need to flex muscles to show he īs a leader - a good leader listens , treats his employees with respect and is kind and understanding.

You seem to have gotten a "small" person who wastes people īs time trying to show who is boss - which results in you all thinking the guy is an idiot.

There īs really nothing you can do with this type of person, they are more concerned with their image than the school and welfare if its teachers and students. You could try writing a complaint to higher authorities that he is wasting your time and not doing his job.

11 Jul 2013     

alien boy

Without taking sides... maybe a more positive approach from your end may result in more positive interaction from his end?
Do you know why he wants the summaries? Does he want your opinion on the books or is it just a precis that he īs after?
Maybe you could ask - in a calm & coonsiderate manner why he needs certain things done (& when he needs them to be done by) so you can express your opinions in an non confrontational way.

There are few things more difficult in the workplace than opposing īteams ī being out to obstruct each other. Teachers & administrators really should work together to provide the best outcomes for students.

Perhaps he will find merit in your opinions & you may find some merit in his, if you can both show a little patience & a spirit of compromise.

11 Jul 2013     


Thank you very much .

14 Jul 2013