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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > To be + PP or - ing     

To be + PP or - ing


To be + PP or - ing
Good evening ,

Here is a sentence that really puts me in a can of worms . Could you please help me out why the answer for the sentence  is D?

" If more than five thousand dollars in monetary instruments is transported into the United States, a report needs____________ with the customs office .
A. file
B. filing
C. to file
D. to be filed

I have chosen both B and D . Is it correct ?

24 Jul 2013      


Hi!!! Smile

I guess only option D is right cause it �s a passive voice sentence. 

People need to file a report with the customs office if ... 


If ... , a report needs to be filed with the customs office.

Guys...if I made a mistake, correct me please. Wink

24 Jul 2013     

United States

Yes, Michele, your answer is good.
Hanh, "needs filing" is an informal structure, and this sentence seems to be in a formal context, so "needs to be filed" is the best answer here.

24 Jul 2013     


Thank you , Micheal and Bruce . Have a good night !

24 Jul 2013     


I agree with Bruce - both B and D are correct, but D is more formal. As with many structures in English, there are local variations in what is acceptable. I can say "The plants need watered/watering/to be watered" and all sound correct to me, whereas my husband (who is from a different part of the UK) finds the first option abhorrent! When in doubt, use the most correct version, which is D in this case.

28 Jul 2013