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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Teaching English to KIDS.    

Teaching English to KIDS.


Teaching English to KIDS.

Do you use your primary school students � first language during the English lessons? 

If not, can you suggest any useful strategies to avoid using L1?

Maybe you have seen some useful articles on the topic?

Thank you!


22 Aug 2013      




22 Aug 2013     


Thank you Sophia!

22 Aug 2013     


I would also like to say <Thank You> to Sophia!

22 Aug 2013     


When I taught in a bilingual primary class I would start in the first language, then slowly switch to L2 repeated in L1 and eventually mive to L2 with some instructions in L1.  I found teachers who started in second language only often had some very anxious students who felt panic because they couldn �t understand or couldn �t communicate. 

22 Aug 2013     

United States

I agree with Doot, I do it the same way. It �s important for kids that age to feel secure and to know that they can talk to somebody if they worry about something and be understood. So at least, if you don �t speak their language, you should have an assistant that does and they know they can go to her just in case.

22 Aug 2013     


I will try to answer but I know very little about your situation. I try not use, and am largely forbidden to use, my primary school Ss �s first language (Japanese). I assume you have read the "immersion" argument. In my case, it is thought not to apply as they are not learning English in an environment where they need to survive using only English. However, with around 40 Ss in a class, and only seeing them once a week at most, it would be a waste of "English time" to use Japanese too often/much. How quickly are your Ss expected to progress? I think that is an important question. I accept that using only English (as much as possible), the Ss will have to just "guess from context" some of what I am saying and what they are trying to say. As I do not expect, and as they are not marked/graded on a set level of progress, that is what suits my Ss/classes/expectations of my education dep �t bosses. I decide the theme, activity(s) and expectations for each class, and I do that knowing that the Japanese primary school teacher in the classroom with me (i) speaks no/very little English (ii) is used to dealing with me in Japanese. What/how much are you expecting from your Ss/classes? What/how much is expected of you by your supervisors? When you know those 2 things (if your supervisors actually understand E.S.L {not the case here in Japan}, you will probably have a better idea of whether L1+l2 / L2 only is better. I wish you luck. Enjoy...

23 Aug 2013     


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. It really helps a lot.

A little bit about my situation. I have to make a little research. During this year I will be using only English with one group of my first graders and English+L1 with another group. 

23 Aug 2013