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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > English lessons on the phone    

English lessons on the phone


English lessons on the phone

Dear all,

I was just wondering if some of you are teaching English to executives on the phone...
This is quite developed here in France, particularly in companies:  is it the case in your respective countries?
I am not very much in favour of this way of teaching simply because the lessons last only half an hour, and these executives are not always well involved in the learning process.... which can sometimes mean lessons cancelled at the last minute, homework not always done ....
To me  nothing can replace face to face interaction where verbal and non verbal communication play a crucial role
I would be happy to know how you generally  proceed,  in my case I send materials before lessons, start with some warm up activities, correct homework if there is any (or I would rather say if it is done), work on a specific point  (vocabulary, comprehension or grammar) but quickly  you realise time is already over...

29 Jan 2009      


Hi :)

Well here I have not hear about that type of teaching...so far.
But how do you manage to interact with the students?
I mean from my point of view it would be a very "cold" contact and har to make that "connection" teacher-student.
About working in that way, I think sending material can help, but only if the students can send it back (I mean homeworks and things like this) maybe by an internet communication, you can do most of you work lika that and use the phone to settle some important points. :) Hope it helps a little :)

29 Jan 2009     


You are right when you describe it as a cold contact, although this rather depends on the profile of the learner. For example, those who are friendly, sociable will play the game very well and facilitate things for you, whereas others  who are shy  wonīt... My main problem is with those executives who hardly do homework for the same reason "Iīve had much work, a busy week ...." and it is less motivating to work with employees who keep saying that they have other  priorities

29 Jan 2009     


I havenīt heard of "phone classes" here either.

Maybe I do not know enough about the subject, but it does not sound as a good way of teaching/learning a language.

I have used  the instant messenger to cover a couple of classes but it was not the best experience...when compared to the ordinary class.

Executives do not usually do homework. I can not count on that so I try to reinforce everything in class: all we have for sure.

29 Jan 2009