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I�m preparing a lesson plan about global warming and in a book, there is one sentence which sounds a bit weird to me:
say what each of these greenhouse gases come from.
what do you think?
xx stef

29 Jan 2009      


yes, that sounds very odd... I think it should be

�say where each of these greenhouse gases come from�, but even that is a little odd, as the point is to identify how the gases are generated.

I would put it

 - � explain how each of these greenhouse gases are produced� if it is about the actual process of generation, or

- �give the source of each greenhouse gas� if it is about the source (e.g. traffic pollution, coal burning etc.)

Hope this helps


29 Jan 2009     


thanks, it�s also what I thought, I found it in "impact terminales" ...

29 Jan 2009     


I often find mistakes in the text books for the BAC... I still find references to �keen on�, �fond of� and �I practice football�, which I don�t think any anglophones use anymore (except maybe my grandmother!).

Glad it helped,


29 Jan 2009     


Hi, stefsim59

I think the only problem in this sentence is the missing  "s".
The sentence should be:

Say what each of these greenhouse gases comes from.

If you are pointing the use of �what�, I am sure it is correct because the greenhouse gases do not move and come from some place but they are the results of some action and scientifically speaking of the interaction/reaction of some other matter. Thus the use of "what" instead of "where"

30 Jan 2009