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Teaching Methods


Teaching Methods
Hello my colleagues,

Can you help me to find out the best method of teaching:

 1- Dialogues

 2- Reading text

6 Sep 2013      


Good afternoon, Dear teachers does anyone have a written project on teaching English to children in preschool/kindergarden? The advantages, typology of classes that benefits child education, etc? Thanks

6 Sep 2013     

Costa Rica

I īm not sure about dialogues, but for reading texts I like to use a technique called popcorn. So lets say that in your class you have a Sally, a Mary, a David and a Daniel. So Sally starts reading. When she gets tired of reading, at any time, she says "popcorn ____". After popcorn she can say Mary, David, or Daniel. For example, "popcorn, David", so David has to start reading. 

About dialogues, what do you mean? Like for them to create a dialogue?

6 Sep 2013     


Love the. popcorn idea.  Thanks!

As for dalogues Reader īs Theatre is very popular these days.

7 Sep 2013     

Czech Republic

Reading is a tricky thing to teach in class. I have used a method similar to the popcorn idea above but it is questionable whether the students understand the text when they read it aloud.
I personally believe that reading can be learned only if you read a lot. That was why I created my site with graded readers. They are free and you can use them in any way you like.

7 Sep 2013     

Mariethe House

zdenda: your work is GREAT!!Clap Do you do the drawings yourself ? What a lot of work! Excellent ! And thank you so much! Will recomend your site to younger colleagues.

8 Sep 2013