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ESL forum > > Another stolen worksheet ?    

Another stolen worksheet ?


Another stolen worksheet ?
I found a simular worksheet on

30 Jan 2009      


They are not the same worksheet! Please, try to avoid doing this on the message board. first, you have to be sure a new contribution is copied and then, you have to report it to victor.

30 Jan 2009     


Thank you Andrea,

I was very offended as a new member to find something I spent a couple of hours making being jumped on by "demeuter" and implying that I was a plagiarizer.

There are about 20 other snakes and ladder boards on this site and I think this is the only one to be slandered in this way.

Everybody else who has commented on it has agreed that this is not copying anybodys worksheet/board. Its very discouraging to be accused of this when snakes and ladders is such a well known game. Also I gave a brief description of my motivations for uploading in it on the page.

Honestly, Im dumbfounded!! I thought everybody knew snakes and ladders!! Confused

Although Im a little depressed with the initial response by "demeuter" Im also heartened to have seen that nobody else agrees with her.

30 Jan 2009