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ESL forum > Make suggestions, report errors > 18+ category: good idea or waste of time?    

18+ category: good idea or waste of time?


18+ category: good idea or waste of time?
As I teach adults I have for some time been wishing for an 18+ category for mature students. At present the top box or age group is 14+. Something that captures the interest of a teenager might not appeal to an adult. Certain subjects are certainly inappropriate for teenagers. Yes the grammar might be the same but the content is not!
ELOJOLIE274 said in a recent post: "why don īt we start a post about adding a 18+/adult category, when we have the opinion of enough members we can contact Victor and ask if he can add this category, what do you think?"
Do you agree? I have asked Victor in the past but perhaps I was just a voice in the wilderness.
What is your opinion?

18 Sep 2013      


Good idea!

18 Sep 2013     

manonski (f)

I agree with the idea. I saw an activity using the song Blurred Lines and that would definitely belong in such a category.

18 Sep 2013     

Paula CC
Costa Rica

Great idea. I recently started teaching adults, so it would be awesome to have this category available. 

18 Sep 2013     

Amanda W

Yes - a very good idea:)

18 Sep 2013     

United States

As a community college teacher, I īm all for it. I īm not sure if my Burns presentation is really appropriate for high school students, for example. I would certainly have classified that as 18+ if that had been available.

18 Sep 2013     


You are completely right .Thumbs Up  I īll do it.

18 Sep 2013     


    totally agree with a 18+/adult category Thumbs Up

and thank you Victor for your amazing website!
and thank you all of you who share your work and respect the rules ;)

18 Sep 2013     


Fantabulous suggestion
Thx for attending to it Victor

18 Sep 2013