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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Difference between "quite" and "pretty"    

Difference between "quite" and "pretty"


Difference between "quite" and "pretty"
Hi everybody,

Can someone explain to me clearly what īs the difference between "quite" and "pretty". 
It seems like it īs a matter of intonation or connotation - positive, negative or neutral. 

It īs pretty cold outside / It īs quite cold outside. 
What īs the difference? Formal or casual language?

Thank you very much for your answers

25 Sep 2013      

United Kingdom

there isnt really a difference - although i guess pretty is more than quite..

its quite cold outside - its a little cold
its pretty cold outside - its COLD

Where is the shop?

its quite far....
its pretty far... 

although intonation is important because sometimes quite can also mean very...

this is quite advanced and you would to be at a native level to fully understand....

25 Sep 2013     


Thank you very much for your help... I definitely felt both meanings for "quite", but "pretty" wasn īt that clear... It īs getting a bit clearer now!!!

26 Sep 2013     

United Kingdom

pretty means nice looking, someone you might like to look at, but quiet means not saying much.

26 Sep 2013