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I am teaching  writing and it is really boring. how can I make it fun? 
Can You post one writing game that worked with you   

26 Sep 2013      

United Kingdom

Stop giving them games and make them do some work. Give them a title and 30 minutes to write about it. Do you think Shakespeare et al �s teachers were always playing games? 

26 Sep 2013     


Activities can be fun, Lynne, and they are not necessarily games.

Personally I find group picture witing very creative, useful, productive AND fun.
e.g. 4 photos/pictures for 4 pairs of students (edit the number according to your teaching situation)
put the pics on four separate desks
the pairs of students each go to one picture and start writing about the picture at your signal
then they stop at your signal (say after 3 minutes)
then they rotate to the next desk with the other pic and continue writing what the other group started
the writing stops when each pair has written once about each picture and returned to their first pic
they then read their stories to the class and discuss.

I do agree though, it can�t always be about games. Just find activities suitable for their age, level and try to cater for different learning styles. In writing it�s all about logic and if your writing activities are well structured, have tips, samples and guidance, your students will flourish in your class.

26 Sep 2013     

United Kingdom

Sorry for my answer, just had a terrible day. Teachers are doing so much, so much spoon feeding. Well, that �s the way we �ve gone and that �s what �s expected now. 

26 Sep 2013     


While teaching creative writing, students often tell me that writing is boring. I tell them that if they write about something fun or interesting to them, then it won �t be boring.

My students had to write about a series of three pictures concerning going to the library.

Once setting up the story structure, I set them to work.

Almost every one wrote a variation of the story: Mary went to the library. She got a book. She went home. She was happy.

I agreed... boring. Then I added in one student �s story. "As she was picking out a book, she saw a ghost". I sent them back to rewrite the story, with the ghost.

The next student I added into theirs "As she was choosing a book, a secret door in the wall opened", and sent them back to rewrite. Another student got "I saw smoke coming from the office," And so on...

Once I showed them how to put a twist into the story to make it more exciting, I find most of them run with it and have a great time.

Then it becomes a matter of reining them in, and not letting them go overboard, following sequential order, and not letting the story get all mixed up.

Then of course there �s the grammar, and punctuation issues, but if you can get them to have some fun while writing the story, it makes the whole process so much less painful.

Good luck!

26 Sep 2013