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Linking words


Linking words
Hello everybody,

Can I say .....

1) I don īt like apples and bananas.

2) I don īt like apples or bananas.

3) I don īt like apples and I don īt like bananas.

Which option is correct?

Thanks in advance

3 Oct 2013      


I don īt like either apples or bananas

3 Oct 2013     

United States

None of your options is incorrect, hussamk2000, but I personally prefer the second. The first one is somewhat ambiguous; you might mean that you like neither apples nor bananas, or that you don īt like apples with bananas. The third one would probably be used only to emphasize your dislike of these fruits. It īs longer and clumsier than the second. And carrasclet īs suggestion is fine as well.

3 Oct 2013     

United States

I totally agree with MoodyMoody.

3 Oct 2013     


hi . You can say :
- I do not like either apples or bananas . or
- I like neither apples nor bananas .

3 Oct 2013     


Thank you very much , my friends. You are great as usual. 

3 Oct 2013